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Company Overview

Advanced Projects Research, Incorporated (APRI) is a California corporation founded in 1988 which specializes in aero propulsion, power system engineering, and laser diagnostics. APRI has extensive background and expertise in fluid mechanics, combustion, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, hardware and software design, optics, state-of-the-art numerical algorithms and fluid/propulsion system design with design test and validation.

APRI's goal is to integrate fundamental analysis, modeling, and the system engineering method to provide its customers with unprecedented products and support services.

APRI consists of a core of engineers and scientists with supporting technical staff augmented as appropriate by highly qualified consultants. The broad experience base of APRI's engineers gives APRI strong capability in theoretical analysis, numerical analysis, modeling, test design and implementation, and product development. APRI's personnel have considerable experience in managing and conducting fast-paced, research-intensive, high technology programs and excel in this type of environment.


Current Projects

APRI is currently involved in five main projects, which can be found here, along with a few of the many past projects.


Career Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about APRI and the surrounding area of La Verne, click here.

APRI Capabilities

APRI is a small business with facilities in New York and California. Learn more about what APRI has to offer here.


Contact APRI

If you would like to contact APRI concerning any projects or need directions to our facilities, please follow this link.