Thomas H. Sobota, Ph.D.

Position: President


1987 Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.
Advisor: Professor Frank E. Marble

1982 Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

1981 Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn, New York.

Summer 1980 Short Course in Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode St. Genesse, Belgium.


President and Vice President - September 1989 to Present

Advanced Projects Research Incorporated, La Verne, California.

Co-founder of a research and development company specializing in aircraft and rocket propulsion systems, environmental analysis and remediation, fluid mechanics with combustion and energy utilization. Responsibilities have included initial corporate start-up, marketing, contract and subcontract preparation and negotiation, product development and license agreement, computer system management, proposal preparation and costing as well as program management of technologically complex efforts with industry-university teams. Research in the design and analysis of high mixing rate nozzles for aircraft infrared signature and noise reduction. Research in the use of oblique detonation waves for propulsion to hypervelocity in both aircraft and ballistic systems. Design, development, and construction of a high destruction rate thermal oxidizer for application to environmental remediation. Analytical, computational, and experimental work performed in the above mentioned areas. Responsibilities in support of research included technical direction of staff and subcontractors, procurement of test hardware, manufacture of aerodynamic test articles using state-of-the-art machining facilities, electronic controls and instrumentation. Responsibilities in support of product development included design for manufacturability, serviceability, safety, and code compliance, coordination of a multi-vendor project for short development cycle, and prototype construction and testing.

Technical Vice President, Vehicle Systems Division - October 1993 to June 1995

U.S. Electricar, Santa Rosa, California.

Assessing and integrating new vehicle technologies in current and future products. Developing vehicle systems designs, performing system level simulations, analyses and trade studies as necessary. Responsible for directing the vehicle systems division of the Engineering and Product Development Group, which provides support to vehicle programs and develops key components for electric vehicles. Responsible for analyzing technology and assisted in developing corporate strategy and planning to support corporate growth. Plan, organize, staff and manage a key technical division to support corporate growth and to direct technical programs. Direct the development of vehicle systems and subsystems necessary to Electricar's success. Analyze technical and market opportunities to help provide strategic and tactical direction to the organization. Assist in developing strategic relationships with outside organizations through teaming, proposal writing, contract negotiation and technology/business acquisition. Identify and develop suppliers for key subsystems and technical services.

Senior Principal Member of the Technical Staff - December 1987 to August 1989

Concurrent Computer Corporation, Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Research in high-performance computing for application to problems in computational physics with specific emphasis on computational fluid dynamics. Development of data distribution schemes for optimal use of discrete memory spaces. Development of general programming techniques for advanced R-VLIW machines. Experimental determination of semiconductor heat transfer characteristics.

Visiting Member of the Research Staff - December 1987 to August 1989

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

Duties related to position at Concurrent Computer Corporation.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Mechanical Engineering and Jet Propulsion - May 1987 to November 1987

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

Research in shock enhanced mixing in supersonic combustion processes using shadowgraph digital imaging techniques in a large scale shock tube facility as well as chemical kinetics simulations using the Chemkin codes.

Research Associate in Mechanical Engineering and Jet Propulsion - September 1981 to April 1987

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

Experimental and computational research in vorticity dynamics in transition duct flows. The experimental effort involved the design and construction of fiber-reinforced plastic experimental apparatus, the design and construction of microprocessor based digital data acquisition systems, the design of analog instrumentation for hot-wire anemometry, the design of a multiple-channel programmable function generator, the development of computer codes for the acquisition and reduction of experimental data, the design and implementation of a microprocessor controlled three degree of freedom motion control system for experimental probe positioning. The computational effort involved grid generation for complex internal geometries, the modification of the INS-3D incompressible flow computer code and the analysis of the computational results.

Systems Engineer - June 1981 to September 1981

EDS Nuclear Engineering Inc., Melville, New York.

Reliability assessment of electrical and electro-mechanical equipment necessary for nuclear power plant safety.

Machinist - June 1976 to June 1981

Archimedes Products, Bohemia, New York.

Experience in all phases of machine shop work including prototype development, tooling design, production, and shop management. Experience in many machine shop operations including milling, turning, drilling, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, deburring, and inspection.

Professional Affiliations

Senior Member, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

1980 to present

Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

1981 to present

Member, Society of Automotive Engineers

1993 to present

Publications, Articles, and Reports (Partial List)

Numerical Investigations of Pulse Detonation Wave Engines, J. Sterling, K. Ghorbanian, J. Humphrey, T. Sobota, and D. Pratt, AIAA-95-2479, Presented at the 31st Joint Propulsion Conference, July 1995.

Analysis and Demonstration of a Scramaccelerator System, Thomas H. Sobota, and Joseph W. Humphrey, Presented at the 29th Joint Propulsion Conference, Monterey, CA, June 1993.

Development of a Scramaccelerator Based Hypervelocity Launcher, Thomas H. Sobota, Susan M. Babcock, and Joseph W. Humphrey, presented at the 1992 Hypervelocity Impact Symposium, Austin, TX, November 1992 and published in the International Journal of Impact Engineering.

Internal Ballistics and Inlet Starting of Projectiles in Ram- and Scramaccelerator Launch Tubes with Venting, Joseph W. Humphrey, Frank P. Brueckner, Thomas H. Sobota, and Darrell W. Pepper, presented at the 31st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV, January 1993.

Calculation of Three-Dimensional Compressible Flow through a Rectangular Nozzle using a Data Parallel Finite Element Model, Frank P. Brueckner, Darrell W. Pepper, Thomas H. Sobota, and Roger H. Chu, in Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 92, Proceeding of the Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, Princeton, J. Hauser (editor), Elsevier Sciences Publishers B.V., Amsterdam, 1992.

Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow around an Scramaccelerator Projectile, Darrell W. Pepper, Joseph W. Humphrey and Thomas H. Sobota, AIAA Paper 91-0226, Presented at the 29th Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 1991.

The Scramaccelerator, Beyond Rockets, Joseph W. Humphrey and Thomas H. Sobota, Aerospace America, June 1991.

Swirling Flows in an Annular to Rectangular Transition Section, Thomas H. Sobota and Frank E. Marble, AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, Volume 5, Number 6, 1989.

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Swirling Flows in a Rectangular Nozzle, Thomas H. Sobota and Frank E. Marble, AIAA-87-2108, Presented at the 23rd Joint Propulsion Conference, June 1987.

A Variable Thrust Detonation Wave Engine for Mach 0 to 3 Applications, James D. Sterling, Joseph W. Humphrey, and Thomas H. Sobota, Advanced Projects Research Incorporated, Contractor Final Report.

Design of Sub-Caliber Aero-Thermal-Chemical (ATC) Gun Projectiles for Aerodynamic Stability, Thomas H. Sobota and Joseph W. Humphrey, Advanced Projects Research Incorporated, Contractor Final Report.

Hy-Scram; An Oblique Detonation Wave Hypervelocity Scramjet Engine, Joseph W. Humphrey, Thomas H. Sobota, and James D. Sterling, Advanced Projects Research Incorporated, Contractor Final Report.

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